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Hire better with Hireclick

HIRECLICK is an affordable hiring tool that will allow you to reach more jobseekers, improve your job application process, and finally take control of your hiring.... all for one amazingly low monthly price.

Employees from many different industries.
HIRECLICK Applicant Tracking System

Our Job Network is Locally Focused, yet Globally Connected.

HIRECLICK is an all-in-one hiring solution that will serve as the control center for all of your job postings and job applicants.

Our Local Job Network is backed by the power of our Midwest TV station partners, allowing you to reach and attract applicants that are in your community and ready to join your team. From Sioux Falls to Bismarck and Fargo to the Quad Cities, HIRECLICK can solve your toughest hiring challenges. Beyond our own job network, with HIRECLICK, your jobs are also automatically posted to the national job search sites that matter, including indeed, zip recruiter, Facebook, Google and hundreds more! Its all included with HIRECLICK.

Imagine all your applicants stored in one easy to use dashboard. A hiring system just like those big companies have enjoyed for years... but finally at a price that any business can afford. Stop posting and praying and take control of your hiring. HIRE BETTER WITH HIRECLICK.

A Mobile Friendly Careers Site is part of your HIRECLICK subscription.

All HIRECLICK clients receive a highly converting careers site/page as part of your purchase. This mobile friendly career site provides the experience that jobseekers now expect when looking for a new job. Optimized for use on a mobile device, our career sites allow jobseekers to complete their applications on their terms, from their preferred device. HIRECLICK careers sites convert "lookers" to applicants and help to fill your applicant pipeline.

So often, hiring managers focus on what ads to post or where to post them, but ignore the cumbersome application process that they present to jobseekers. HIRECLICK is a complete hiring system with the tools, technology, and exposure that is needed to maximize your applciant flow.

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Mobile Friendly Career Sites

HIRECLICK will simplify your hiring process.

Regardless of where your next applicants find your job postings, all incoming applications will find there way into your easy to use HIRECLICK dashboard.

Easily manage your job postings and customize your HiRECLICK account to match your unique hiring workflow.

Rate, sort, and share applicant profiles. Unlimited applicant storage allows you to easily find and retrieve the applicants that you are most interested in.

Eliminate those outdated paper job applications and free yourself from having to check multiple job boards for applicants.

Take contol of your hiring challenges with HIRECLICK.

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Hireclick employer dashboard

We specialize in helping Midwestern companies find and hire workers.

Life is a little different here. Us Midwestern folk are a different breed. We say hi to everyone, don't mind shoveling snow out of our driveways for half the year, and may even be a little tighter than average with our wallets.

As employers, we know that hiring workers here can present real challenges. Unemployment rates here are dangerously low and workers might leave for a competitor for a fifty cent per hour raise.

Looking to find a better, more affordable way to hire? We hear you, fellow Midwesterner. Try HIRECLICK. We are confident that it will work as well as that trusty ice scraper we both keep in our glove box.

Already have an ATS?

No problem. We can capture basic candidate info and direct them to your full application process.


Thousands of positions filled.

Hireclick is the PREFERRED hiring solution for any size of business that is struggling to find employees. No matter this size and scale of your business, we can improve your hiring results, save you money, and get your jobs filled faster.