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Occasional Hiring

When that job opening pops up, you need applicants fast. Attracting applicants is tough... you need maximum exposure for your job listing and a streamlined application process that works from any device. Luckily, with HIRECLICK, you get it all for an amazingly low price.

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Hire better with HIRECLICK

Post any job for 30 days

Starting as low as $199 for a 30 day posting, you will finally be able to compete for job applicants with the largest employers.

No Contract Required

Use HIRECLICK to post jobs and find employees only when you need it. With no contracts or subscriptions, HIRECLICK is the most efficient, cost effective hiring solution on the market.

Quick Setup

Start hiring today! HIRECLICK setup is incredibly easy and fast. Your jobs will automatically be submitted to the job platforms that matter.

Step 1 - Post your job.

With HIRECLICK, you are in complete control of posting your own jobs. We provide an easy step by step process for getting your job positions entered and uploaded to your Careers website.

Hireclick Post a Job
Call to Activate 605-305-5033

Step 2 - We'll submit it to local and national sites

HIRECLICK will automatically submit your job postings to the platforms that matter most. From leading local/regional job boards to national job sites like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Facebook and Google for Jobs, it will let you consolidate your posting efforts and help you to reach job more jobseekers with one simple click.

Hireclick job distribution chart.

Step 3 - Find your BEST applicants.

HIRECLICK is an easy to use extremely efficient Applicant Management System. With a few clicks you can view, assign, update, and communicate with job applicants. All resume attachments from applicants are automatically converted to searchable text and attached to job candidate profiles.

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